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Mexican Independence Day Quiz!

To celebrate Independence Day here in Mexico, we came up with a short quiz to see how much you know about our adopted home! Answers on the bottom. Test your Mexican History knowledge Dolores Hidalgo was the sister of FR. Miguel Hidalgo? a. T b....

July Edition of the Baja Citizen on the Street

You can pick up the July edition of the Baja Citizen now on the streets of La Paz!  The August edition of your community newspaper will be out August 7th, 2012.

The Baja Citizen is out on the street!

The June 26th edition of the Baja Citizen is on the street! Grab your copy at your favourite location in La Paz. The edition will be on-line June 30th.

Baja Citizen now on-line!

Another edition sent to print – thank goodness. The June 11th edition of the paper will be out on the street on Monday. The May 30th edition now available on-line. Click on Latest Editions to read past issues of the newspaper.

The Baja Citizen in El Centenario

The May 29th, 2012 edition of the Baja Citizen is on the street. Pick up your copy at your favourite place today, including at Paradise Found Roadside Grill & Bar in El Centenario.

New Edition of the Baja Citizen Available On-Line

The May 1st and May 15th edition of the Baja Citizen is now on-line at www.bajacitizen.com. Enjoy!

Help Us Get More Flights to La Paz!

Follow the link to help us get more flights to La Paz! WestJet: Please add La Paz, BCS (LAP) to your regular flight schedule!www.change.orgThose of us who live in or visit La Paz must drive 3 hours on a very dangerous highway to the airport...

Car Talk La Paz

Coming soon to The Baja Citizen – a page dedicated to cars! Cars are very important to us, are they not? They create independence and security for some people. Getting to work, taking care of business, or heading off to the beach would be a...