Carnaval La Paz 2014 is just around the corner

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February 27th to March 4th


As it does every year, La Paz will transform itself into one big, public street party. The traditional Carnaval La Paz will be kicking off on Thursday, February 27th. Organizers, including the General Coordinator of Carnaval 2014, Pedro Aguilar, are promising a well-organized, high scale event so prepare yourself for an unusually busy, bright and festive malecon with plenty to buy, eat and drink as well as large crowds and never ending entertainment.

Carnaval La Paz was in need of a drastic overhaul and that is what the administration of Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran has been working on since they took office nearly three years ago. “We are trying to get local businesses involved and with their support, our parade floats have more than doubled from previous years,” Aguilar said.

Also, with the help of artists Francisco Merino, Francisco Ávila Benítez and Ariel Cruz, as well as the sponsorship of 12 floats by local businesses, the Carnaval 2013 parade was declared the best ever. The municipality is once again working hard within the theme of “Universo Infínito” (infinite universe) in hopes of providing quality floats for the thousands who will line-up along the malecon this March to watch the parades.

Other than the specially designed floats, there will be plenty of classic cars as well as entertainment from ranchero bands, dressed up clowns and dancers from the various dance schools around town. The parades will run on Sunday, March 2nd, Monday the 3rd and Tuesday the 4th. The parade normally starts at 4 in the afternoon but stay tuned as the start time may change.

Carnaval is an annual event held in major cities in Mexico and in other parts of the world (Rio de Janeiro) that generally occurs the week before Lent with all activities ending by Ash Wednesday, or the start of Lent.

Please note that during the 6 days of Carnaval, the malecon in La Paz will be shut down to traffic by early afternoon and booths, tables, tents and makeshift stages will be set up along both sides of the street to sell unusual wares or fantastic food, or to host carnaval games and music.

Live entertainment on the main stage  (the kiosk of the malecon located on the corner of Abasolo and 16 de Septiembre) will be held every night with high profile, national performers including performances from El Norteño on February 27th, Benny, Sasha and Erik on the 28th, Los Angeles Azules on March 1st, Paty Cantu on March 2nd, Edith Marquez on the 3rd and La Banda MS wrapping things up on the 4th.


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