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Coming soon to The Baja Citizen – a page dedicated to cars!

Cars are very important to us, are they not? They create independence and security for some people. Getting to work, taking care of business, or heading off to the beach would be a hardship for many of us if we didn’t have our cars.  Can you imagine life without your car?
Unfortunately, due to the well-worn streets of La Paz, our cars tend to need regular tune-ups and frequent trips to the mechanic.  But do you know where to go?  Do you know what to ask for?
Also, questions concerning Mexican licenses, importation, car insurance, and traffic violations and their corresponding fines are commonly asked by English speakers.  Where do we get the correct information?
So, we thought it is time for Car Talk La Paz.
Helping us with Car Talk La Paz is local car fanatic Manuel Amarillas, proud organizer of the Classic and Antique Car Show that is held three times a year in La Paz.  Manuel has spent a lifetime loving cars and he is here to help us. Manuel will be a monthly contributor to the paper concerning all things cars. Please send an e-mail to if you have any questions you would like answered or a topic that you would like researched.
Coming up in the next edition – How do I get a Mexican drivers license?
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