Bridge at the Dock Café at Marina De La Paz every Wednesday and Saturday starting at noon.

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Carol:  Say, Sharon, why don’t you come play bridge with us?
Sharon:  Bridge?  What’s that?
Carol:  It’s a card game?
Sharon:  Really?  How is it played?
Carol:  You play with a partner and make bids?
Sharon:  What kind of bids?
Carol:  You bid your best suit if you have enough points.
Sharon:  How do you get points?
Carol:  Certain cards in your hand have value like aces, kings, queens, and jacks.  You can even give yourself points when you have no cards at all in a given suit.
Sharon:  So what is the purpose of these bids?
Carol: To see who wins the contract.
Sharon:  Oh I see.  I imagine the contract goes to the lowest bidder?
Carol:  Well, no.  The contract actually goes to the highest bidder.
Sharon:  Are these bids sealed?
Carol:  Oh no.  Each person speaks the bid aloud.  For instance, if I think I can make four hearts, I might say four hearts if my partner agrees.
Sharon:  Sounds complicated.  What if your partner doesn’t agree?
Carol:  Then she has to tell me by bidding another suit.
Sharon:  She can’t just say she doesn’t like hearts?
Carol:  Not outright.  Everyone sort of speaks in code.  Different bids mean different things.  For instance, if I want my partner to bid hearts or spades, I might bid clubs or diamonds.
Sharon:  Does everyone know the code?
Carol: Most people know the code.  Sometimes less experienced players don’t know the code.
Sharon:  If everyone knows the code, why bother using it?
Carol:  Because that is how the game is played.
Sharon:  Sounds too complicated for me.
Carol:  Still, if you know people that like to play, tell them that we meet at the Dock Café at Marina De La Paz every Wednesday and Saturday starting at noon.  All levels of bridge players are welcome.  No need to bring a partner, just show up and join a table.
Sharon:  I’ll pass that alone, but I still think it sounds complicated.
Carol:  It is, but we LOVE it!
Thanks Carol Dyer. Carol is the owner of Casa Tuscany Bed & Breakfast and an avid bridge player.
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