Breathalyzer Checkpoints This Holiday Season in Baja Sur

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The State Commission for the Prevention of Accidents in coordination with the 5 municipalities in Baja California Sur have announced that 20 breathalyzer checkpoints will be up and running during the holiday season, “intensifying our work to prevent car accidents and therefore preventing the loss of human life,” said Dr. Victor Solis Samperio, Commissioner of the program for the Secretary of Health.
Dr. Solis Samperio highlighted that the breathalyzer checkpoints that have been executed in the past in conjunction with the departments of Security and Transit in each of the municipalities have shown excellent results and have diminished considerably the number of accidents and in turn, the loss of innocents lives.
“We hope to run at least 4 checkstops in each of the municipalities before the end of the year to increase the security of drivers and passengers,” said the Commissioner of the Prevention of Accidents. The loss of life due to car accidents is the third leading cause of death this year in the state of BCS and is first among males between the ages of 16-24.
Dr. Solis Samperio hopes that breathalyzer checkpoints will help in reducing the number of accidental deaths due to car accidents and so far, results have been favorable.
So this holiday season, if you’re drunk, don’t drive. Don’t drive, because you don’t want to hurt someone else or yourself. Don’t drive, because you don’t want to smash up your car or damage someone else’s property. And finally, don’t drive, because you don’t want to get arrested, especially here in a foreign land.
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