Both Local and State Governments Looking for Funds to Repair Street Damage In Baja Sur

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Storms Miriam and Norman had left severe damage to roads, streets and highways across the entire state. Damages that were once estimated to be at just over 35 million pesos have now skyrocketed after the passing of Hurricane Paul.  So much so, the Governor has asked congress for credit to get to work on repairing the damage.
Governor Marcos Covarrubias has asked permission from State Congress to take on a 500 million-peso credit to repair highways and city streets in the state after the passing of Tropical Storms Miriam and Norman and Hurricane Paul.
The request made by the Executive branch is based on the fact that the Secretary of Government has declared the municipalities of BCS a natural disaster area.
The request represented to congress details that authorities from all three levels of government in the municipalities of Los Cabos, La Paz, Comondu, Loreto and Mulege quantified the damages occurred by the meteorological storms that have effected half of the peninsula.
The request also outlines that the State government, “does not count on the necessary resources to deal with the magnitude of relief that is needed, as being as the state budget approved by congress is completely committed in the basic functions established to cover operational needs, investment and payment of services of the public debt.”
If the loan is granted, the debt needs to be paid off in 20 years.  The request for the loan has been turned over to the Commission of Fiscal and Administrative Services of the State to be studied and commented on.
The Municipality of La Paz has calculated 67.3 million pesos worth of damage in the area after the rains from storms Miriam, Norman and Paul. Damages to homes, roads, city streets, hydraulic infrastructure and productive sectors have been detailed and quantified.
Both the departments of Social Development and Public Works studied the damage to the area and will have to present their findings to the federal government to see if money can be found in the Natural Disaster Fund (FONDEN).
The Municipality reported that 18 million pesos will be needed to repair rural roads and almost 4 million pesos will be needed to fix up city streets and hydraulic and sanitary infrastructure and another 4 million for the productive sector.
City administrators said that the work that is necessary to repair roads and streets will demand repaving and resurfacing that will, “require the collaboration of the three levels of government.”  It is also expected that 80 temporary jobs could be created.
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