Birders, Beachcombers, Nature Lovers: Come Home to El Comitan

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Susan Fogel
Have you ever dreamed of taking your morning coffee up to your rooftop to watch birds silently wheel and glide above the palms? Or would you like to walk on the beach as the sun crests the hills across the bay behind La Paz? How about laying on your back on your patio at night and watching a meteor shower or lunar eclipse? Would you like to do one or all of those things?
Are you afraid living on or near the beach is beyond your budget?
El Comitan is not a gated community; there is no homeowner association or CC&Rs. But it is a friendly community with events going on all the time. Whether it is a bonfire on the beach at New Year’s, the annual pig roast, or horseshoe competition, the neighbors are always doing something. And if you just want to live close to the beach, enjoy the silence and clear air, you don’t have to take part in the group activities. But you will have the knowledge that your neighbors look out for each other and will rush to your aid if you need them. The neighbors are American, Canadian, Mexican, and other nationalities. Many are retired, a good portion work. Half the people live in El Comitan year-round; it is not strictly a vacation home community. Insert Casa Catalina
Buy a lot and build your dream home!
Founded many decades ago as a hunting park and frequented by Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Spiro Agnew, El Comitan has homes of all sizes, styles, shapes, and prices. The lots are large, about 1,500 square meters, the streets are wide and sandy and lead to the beach. Some lots have been split, but most of them are roomy. Surrounded by a cardon cactus forest in a biological preserve, El Comitan is protected from noise and development, yet it’s 20 minutes to downtown. There are two Italian restaurants in El Comitan and recent visitors from Italy gave thumbs up to the food.
The nearby village of El Centenario has small shops for essentials, and along the highway are taco stands, restaurants, and a juice bar. El Centenario is a bustling little town and many day-to-day services like car mechanics, plumbers, and gardening supplies and clinics are there. Everyone from maids, gardeners, upholsterers, and handymen offer their services at reasonable prices. And on Saturdays, the “fish guy” comes door-to-door selling freshly caught fish, shrimp, and lobster. The Fide Paz private hospital and major grocery stores are not far.
One neighbor, an ornithologist has identified 60 species of birds that live in El Comitan. Even the casual bird watcher will be delighted to watch dozens of pelicans dive bomb or the elegant snowy egrets stalking prey. There are quail, hummingbirds, and owls in our bird population. You are truly on nature’s stage, and the creatures and birds are your own commercial-free Discovery Channel!
There are lots for sale with prices from US$20,000 to US$50,000, and homes from under $200,000 to $500,000. Most homes are in the low $200,000 range. There are many builders in La Paz and El Centenario that have built homes here and can be trusted to do a good job. El Comitan has electricity and phones and high-speed Internet. And a short drive away is a very nice espresso café. So you can bring your beach bum heart and urban soul into alignment.
The beach is nearly deserted six days a week. On Sundays in good weather, locals come with their kids to play in the shallow water. The rest of the week you will encounter your neighbors walking their dogs, flying kites or doing yoga on the beach. And a short walk away is the Pelican Point beach, with deeper water, great sand, and magnificent shell collecting.
What are you waiting for? Come home to El Comitan.
Susan Fogel lives in El Comitan on the beach. She is the broker owner of
People that own homes in El Comitan can do all of those things and more. And guess what? The price tags on houses here are not in the millions. In fact, you can become the proud owner of a three-bedroom beachfront home with a pool and garage with space for your car and RV for a little more than US$300,000. And most homes are less expensive than that.
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