Bio-Ingenieria Internacional

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Back in the 70s, Juan Angel Trasviña Aguilar, a young man from Baja California Sur, traveled to Mexico City to study chemical engineering at the national university, UNAM. In those days, chemical engineers usually specialized in petrochemicals, but Juan Angel had a dream. At home, BCS had water shortages. The ideal solution was wastewater treatment and recycling in order to optimize the use of freshwater and to avoid its pollution. For that reason, Juan Angel specialized in the treatment and recycling of wastewater. For a number of years he taught physics and mathematics at UABCS, here in La Paz. He then lived in Madrid, Spain, for a few years. While there, he worked in wastewater and seawater desalination while studying for his master’s in environmental pollution at Madrid Polytechnic University. After receiving his master’s degree, he returned to BCS, and, in 1989, established an environmental protection company: Bio-Ingenieria Internacional.

Twenty-seven years later, Bio-Ingenieria Internacional is a well-established and prestigious company with offices in La Paz. Juan Angel’s daughters specialized in ecological architecture and environmental law in college, and now actively collaborate with him. Their constant research contributes to maintaining cutting-edge environmental protection through environmental impact studies and use of the latest technology, which, when coupled with natural processes to treat and recycle wastewater, helps to prevent pollution of Baja California Sur’s scarce freshwater and its beautiful beaches.

Additionally, Bio-Ingenieria Internacional promotes the use of solar and wind energy through photovoltaic and wind systems; they strongly believe that natural resources must be used to lessen the pollution and climate change impact caused by the use of petroleum derivatives to generate electricity.

Bio-Ingenieria boasts a staff of technicians with extensive experience in the installation, service, repair, and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment equipment for all uses (desalination systems, reverse osmosis purification systems, UV lamps, ozone systems, pumps, control panels, etc.), as well as natural energy systems.

“We care about our environment, because this is where we live; this is the water we drink and the air we breathe. If we neglect our environment, we will not take care of ourselves or the new generations,” says Juan Angel Trasviña Aguilar.

“Our mission is to contribute to environmental conservation and improvement through the use and development of green technologies at a reasonable cost and convenience, because we want our descendants to enjoy an optimal environment,” he continues.

“We encourage our customers to take advantage of natural resources,” he says, “and the efficient and conscious use of the better technology available for the development of their building projects, causing the least possible impact on the environment.”

“Please do not hesitate to contact our company,” invites Trasviña Aguila, “because we will always have the best environmental solution for you. Besides, we offer you the advantage of working with professional experts, locally, to make you feel at home.”

Bio-Ingenieria Internacional has been protecting the Environment since 1989. Please contact them at 612-122-1509 or 612-123-3409. They are located at Sonora 1115, on the corner of Marcelo Rubio, in La Paz. Visit their website at

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