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Pretty simple this week…TAKE A LOOK at the PHOTO!
Overall, a really good dorado week, especially for our anglers that fished with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet.  Fishing north of the city around Espirito Santo Island, then around the tips near Las Cruces and the channel in between Espirito Santo and Cerralvo Island, nice schools of the mahi were being found by locating floating sargasso weeds or bringing schools to the boats by slow-trolling live or dead bait; getting a hook up; then chumming the rest of the school to the panga, resulting in multiple hookups.
The highlights for the past week were the continued catches of larger dorado.  Fish in the 30 to 40 pound class were not uncommon and many were lost, as well as the “huge giant fish that bit and broke up.”  (Or course to many anglers EVERY large fish is a “fifty pounder!”)  But, even our captains verified that there were some big boys out there that simply left the clients out-gunned.
For the most part, we had one slow-day, but almost every day our clients each got limits or, if they didn’t get limits, they were really busy with the larger fish.
Plus, the bite on marlin…stripers mostly…continued.  Every day we had a few hookups on marlin with most fish being lost or released as the billfish were often found in the middle of the dorado schools, chasing the smaller baby dorado.  This meant that trolling a yellow and green feather was a good way to hook a marlin!
As for other species, there were more roosterfish and a smattering of tuna and pargo at Las Arenas, but the area still has not produced a consistent bite even though we are finally finding some sardines.  If you’ve been following our reports, for the last 3 months, there has been very little sardines around the Las Arenas area to use as bait.  Despite little flurries of promise, it’s just not that good for fishing there.  We keep our fingers crossed.
And that’s our story from Jonathan and Jilly at Jonathan Roldan’s Tailhunter International.

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