Big Blue Free Diving Held in La Paz

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Estrella Navarro Holm, world silver medalist for free diving, has organized for the second year in a row the Free Diving World Cup “Big Blue” in La Paz.

Navarro Holm, a La Paz native, founded Big Blue to share with other free divers the beauty of Espiritu Santo Island, the place where she trains; promote the conservation of the oceans as well as free diving as a sport and as a lifestyle.

Helio, the official BIG BLUE headquarters on the seaFrom October 22nd to 29th, the best free divers in the world enjoyed the waters of the Espíritu Santo National Park. The Free Diving World Cup Big Blue featured world champion Alexey Molchanov from Russia, and the champions of Australia, France, Serbia, Chile, Mexico, Israel and the United States.

There were 5 days of competition in free immersion (FIM), constant no-fins (CNF) and constant weight (CWT). Big Blue athletes competed in all three disciplines.

Free diving is a sport that involves descending to great depths holding ones breath. Free divers consider their sport as a kind of meditation, a journey inside, a special connection with the surrounding environment and especially the ocean.

Apnea is mainly based on individual mental relaxation, good nutrition and hydration. After some depth athletes don’t need to swim because as the air in their lungs compresses, the body becomes heavier, and the diver sinks at the same speed as swimming; this is similar to a free fall in the sky, but in slow motion.

There are just over 5000 free divers in the world.

The end of October and the beginning of November is the best time to dive in Baja: the weather conditions are perfect and the waters are warm and transparent.

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