Be Cool! Summer is Coming, and Buyers are Too!

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By Susan Fogel and Glenn Sandford

Up north of the border in the US of A, people are rolling out the barbecue, dusting off the lawn furniture, and getting ready to enjoy the long Memorial Day Holiday. And the hot home-selling season is about to get underway. And it is warming up in Canada, summer is coming.

In contrast, we Paceanos are pulling out the hurricane shutters, and enjoying the last gasps of cool morning air. Don’t you wish you could bottle the cooler weather to unleash around your patio in July?

We are also watching our high selling season slow down—way down. There are still buyers around. Boomers are still retiring at a fast pace. The smart buyers are ignoring the fear mongering of the northern press and are still contacting us about buying homes in Mexico.

Just some reminders to sellers:

1.Be Cool!

Even though their agent’s car may be air conditioned, the buyers will be getting in and out of the car and it will never cool down between stops.  Make your house a refreshing haven.

Turn on the AC before you leave. Set out a pitcher of iced tea or a bowl filled with ice and with some water bottles. Leave a note card that says: “Welcome Buyers, Have a Cool Drink”

2. Romance the Baja

Center a bowl or vase full of colorful bougainvillea and a few greens on the table or kitchen island. Display some beach things, shells, sea glass, a piece of driftwood. Don’t overdo, just a touch here and there.

3. Neutralize

That does not mean paint the house beige. This means, take down any overtly political or religious items. Clear the refrigerator of magnets and papers and photos. If you use the bedrooms as offices and crafts rooms, clear away the clutter and make the room look like it can accommodate a bed.

4. The View

If you have a view, optimize it. Make sure your windows are sparkling. Pull the drapes open wide. Leave a pair of binoculars near the window.

5. Seduce the Buyers

No, I am not advocating adultery. If you have a pool, roll up your prettiest beach towels and leave them poolside in a basket or on a table or the end of a chaise lounge. Blow up a colorful inflatable and toss it in the pool. Open the umbrella and leave a magazine, a sunhat, and a vase of bougainvillea on a nearby table. Make them want to sit and relax on your patio. Make sure the pool water is crystal clear.

6. Write a love Letter

Write a one page letter to the buyers. Tell them why you love your house. Tell them about your neighborhood. Mention the view and point out how it changes from morning to night and through the seasons. Thank them for coming.

There are so many houses on the market, so some buyers get overwhelmed with options. After three houses, the houses start to blend together. The idea is to make your house stand out. If you are going to be away for the summer and your house is on the market, make sure your maid has it sparkling for showings. A light, bright, sweet smelling home will be more appealing.

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