BCS Remains Optimistic About Its Economic Future

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On August 19, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, INEGI, released the results of a national survey of jobs and employment for the second trimester of 2011.

In Baja California Sur, during the period of April to June of this year, there were a total of 495,617 residents 14 or older.

The population economically active was 311,777 representing 62.9 percent of the population in that age range.

Of this number, 94.4 percent had employment. 61.5 percent were male and 38.5 female. There were 2.7 percent more people working in 2011 than 2010. The major growth occurred in agriculture at 15.8 percent followed by the service industry with a 7 percent growth rate.

Unemployment registered 5.6 percent, a figure slightly higher that the 5.1 percent in 2010

indicator april-june april-june
2010 2011 2010 2011
population 14 and older 479 664 495 617 100.0 100.0
economically active 302 069 311 777 63.0 62.9
working 286 614 294 213 94.9 94.4
unemployed 15 455 17 564 5.1 5.6
not economically active 177 595 183 840 37.0 37.1
available to work 23 381 20 557 13.2 11.2
unavailable 154 214 163 283 86.8 88.8

Also noted in the study is that 20 out of every 100 persons with jobs work in the informal sector of the economy, compared to 29 percent average in the rest of the country.   Baja California Sur has the third lowest ranking for people without formal jobs. It was also stated that unemployment rose slightly in 2011. For the same period in 2010, 5.1% were unemployed as compared to the latest survey showing 5.6% of the available workforce is seeking employment.

This survey validates the findings of Parametria, a private polling group, that three days earlier released the results of a study finding 30 out of the 32 state entities believing that 2011 was more difficult economically than 2010, and that only in Baja California Sur, over half of the population believe that the economic conditions will improve in the year 2012.

It is worth noting that 2012 is a presidential election year in Mexico. The Baja California peninsula seems to be betting that  its fellow countrymen  will continue the  past 12 years of political reform under the PAN party rather than to revert to the PRI method of government Mexico subjected itself to for the 70 years prior to the 2000 election of Vicente Fox.

Submitted by Les Carmona. Contributing author Les Carmona bakes artisan breads and pastries for his shop Pan D’Les  bakery while assimilating to the pace of La Paz. The bakery is on Madero street between Degollado and Ocampo, two short blocks from the Malecon.

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