BAJA WURST – Take Two!

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BajaWurst-2013This is the slow and bloody hot season, two months early at that, where everyone lays by the beach under a palapa or stay indoors with shades pulled down and air conditioning blasting. This is when I decided to regroup and see what is going on with the nice places I reviewed. I have never done this before but it sounded like a good idea; to go back and visit some places I have been to before and give you an update. I will sacrifice myself for the cause. That’s a promise.

Baja Wurst. One year later. It got even better!

Susy took charge from her husband Oli and dramatically expanded the menu. The woman is on fire! She has brought in a selection of salads, main courses, shrimp and lots of great desserts. If you ask, she will passionately describe your menu choices and how everything is done. Sometimes I just let her decide for me.

I feel that when you know the owner, going to a restaurant is a different experience. It becomes like visiting a friend. So, let me introduce you to Susy.

She is a beautiful tall amazon-like sporty Mexican woman from DF with tightly pulled back hair and a kind, delightful disposition. She obviously loves what she does. She is also highly educated. She has a masters in administration, marketing and finance, she used to work for Ford. Smart cookie. She speaks perfect English. She studied at ITAM. Paid her own way to a prestigious private school. She is multilingual and is a mother of 3 boys. Let’s add this to the list: Great cook!

She has been married to Oli for 16 years. They are in La Paz for quality of life and a healthy place to raise their boys; the sports, the Sea of Cortez, the lack of crime. I totally get it.

About the restaurant, this is what I have to say a year later after a very good review in 2013 when they opened.

#1. This place defines cleanliness. It is bar none the cleanest place I frequent. There is no dirt anywhere. Ever. Don’t look for it, you will not find it.

#2. It is a neighborhood restaurant where regulars go, you will probably run into someone you know. The food is addictive so everyone has their favorite. I can’t go a week without my chicken döner. It is a place you can go by yourself and find friendly conversation.

#3. The food is always great and at reasonable prices.

The only employee is a cook who happens to be the sister of Susy’s nanny. She invested a lot of time to teach Maria del Consuelo (from Veracruz) how to help her make good food consistently. Maria is very shy. I have never heard her speak, only gently smile but she makes great food and is a loyal employee.

People like that are hard to find. Just tonight I was at a famous bar/burger place where they manage to consistently produce bad food. It is a cool bar but no matter how hard I try to go there and see the positive, it consistently disappoints and it is dirty. Why do I bother, I ask myself? We have all been there. High-turn around and no supervision. So why not patronize the restaurants where they consistently serve great food and the owners care?!  Don’t get me started…

Baja Wurst qualifies for The Baja Citizen’s restaurant review since our prime directive is to encourage the small chef/owner who makes efforts at greatness. They truly deserve the support of the community.

This is what we tasted.

Frikadelle. Think a big, juicy, seasoned burger meat patty. Cooked to order. Did I say juicy?  $62 pesos. $109 if you want it on a bed of delicious sauerkraut. If you crave a burger, forget the bread and all the nonsense, go to the heart of it! You won’t be disappointed.

Homemade sauerkraut is served here. OMG! You people in the know, you understand what real sauerkraut should taste like. This is it. Crunchy and tangy with a lovely sour finish.

Brochettes of chicken and beef and sausage with baked fries. $70 pesos.

Super nice and healthy, tasty meal. Well executed and satisfying. Don’t miss the grease!

Camaron Nevado was an amazing dish of grilled shrimp with a “Tzatziki” sauce made of yoghurt, herbs and garlic. $188 pesos. Generous portion of large shrimp. Susy has a connection for super fresh shrimp. Top secret!

Of course Baja Wurst is all about sausages, they are all delicious and cooked with an expert hand. My favorite is the Schübling the white veal and pork one. Got to try that one! $52 pesos.

The potato salad is famous. Light in texture (not the mayonnaise goop special), perfectly cooked potatoes, a good amount of mustard and overall good seasoning. She should bottle and sell the mustard I keep telling her. It is their own mix and it is fabulous.

As mentioned before the “döner” (like a Gyro) is grilled chicken, beef, shrimp or just vegetables with Tzatziki sauce rolled up in a grilled pita. From $60 pesos for the vegetarian to $125 for the shrimp.

The coleslaw is fresh and tangy and it takes much to impress me, as I am a huge coleslaw fan. I would eat it for breakfast…on the floor!

Maybe some undocumented German blood in the family tree?

Susy likes to bake. She makes a great Strudel. It is not super sweet so for you folks used to Stouffer’s or other food-like mass produced products, you are in for a surprise. It is full of taste, the apples, the crust, at every bite you want more. That simple. No need for extra sugar and preservatives and God only knows what else they put in the junk that is generally sold to us. Really. Just like in the old days before the fake foods took over people’s tastes buds. Good home made Strudel like Grandma used to make.

Another thing you must try is the walnut pie, like pecan pie but much better. There should be group counseling for that item. Next time I will skip the doner and get straight to business! It is amazing!

All dishes are well presented on nice china with real silverware. They spare you the wrapped napkin around bent silverware torture thing. Nice touch.

Here is the best in my opinion, before you leave, you can load up on fresh, uncooked sausages to go for $32 pesos each. A sausage averages 170 grams, more than half a pound! I keep some in my freezer always.

They cater. Some advance notice is required. Also take-out all ready to go to cook yourself for parties.

5 de Febrero between Dominguez and Abasolo (church side).

Open from 12:30pm to 10pm

Closed on Sundays.

Lots of parking on the street.

122 26 37

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