Baja Dogs La Paz Bake Sale

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Frances Robertson (5) loves dogs. Since arriving with her family aboard their sailboat, Frances had asked a thousand questions of her parents about the dogs she saw on the streets of La Paz.
“Who do these dogs belong to?”
“Where do they live?”
“Who feeds them?”
“What do they eat?”
“Who pets them?”
She told her parents she wanted to help the dogs without a home, to take them back to the boat and feed them and love them. Her folks explained why this wasn’t feasible.
“I want to help the dogs,” she begged. Her folks nodded, expecting this desire to fade. But the idea persisted. It was the first thing Frances thought about in the morning and the last thing she asked about at night.
Frances’s dad finally suggested she help the people who were already helping the dogs, the organization Baja Dogs of La Paz. Frances, her mom, and her big sister Eleanor took a trip out to Centenario to visit the BLDP refuge and learn more about what they were doing to help the dogs. At the refuge, Frances met many dogs who had a hard start in life, now healthy and happy they were awaiting adoption. Frances decided to organize a bake sale to benefit Baja Dogs of La Paz.
Frances took this idea and ran with it. She spent her time thinking of what she could make, how big her sign should be. She asked her mom to help her make dog biscuits and brownies to sell. She enrolled her big sister and her friends on other boats to help and she set a date to sell their goods at Club Cruceros in Marina La Paz.
On Saturday, February 18, Frances and Eleanor (8), Zada (6), and Leah (6) and Holly (3) got up early and with their parents’ help, hauled their goods and signs up to the marina parking lot to accept donations. They called their effort, Pesos for Pets.
The dozens of brownies, dog biscuits, pumpkin muffins, and doughnuts were snatched up quickly by hungry sailors and passersby. The girls promoted their effort with Baja Dogs of La Paz fliers and they answered questions from curious adults. They watched excitedly as the coins and bills in their donation jar multiplied.
At the end of the day they had raised over 1,500 pesos. Frances was overjoyed.
The next step was to present the gift to Baja Dogs of La Paz. On Wednesday, February 22, the group of children and chaperon parents piled into a truck for the ride out to El Centenario. They spent a couple hours playing with the dogs, learning about the efforts to help local dogs, and presented the donation they worked hard to earn.
To learn more about Baja Dogs of La Paz, La Paz, or to arrange a visit, please visit their website at

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