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We seem to be spending plenty of time in the supermarkets while we are staying in La Paz and have heard from friends that we should tip the baggers at the grocery store after we have paid the cashier. Is this correct? How much should we tip?




Please remember that everyone tips differently and you are welcome to tip however you feel comfortable. The baggers at the grocery stores in La Paz do not receive a salary for their work and rely solely on tips from customers. Some people leave the coin change they receive after paying their grocery bill. Others leave a tip based on how many bags they packed. If a lot, 10 pesos. If just a few, 5 pesos or less. It really is what you are comfortable with giving.



We finally found Urban Kitchen on Belizario Dominguez after seeing their ad in the Baja Citizen. It was wonderful and a real treat for us. We had a lovely breakfast and enjoyed sitting out on the sidewalk right in the heart of downtown and people watched. We really recommend the place. The staff is very friendly.

Great new layout of the magazine, by the way.



Baja Citizen,

I haven’t seen anything about this recently in The Baja Citizen, so I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that there is recycling in La Paz. The recycling center that I found is on Nayarit, almost to the waterfront. It is right beside some community gardens. They are open Monday through Saturday, in the morning, and they take paper, cardboard, cans and most plastics. No glass though.



The Baja Citizen ran an article, Recycling at El Mangle by Bruce Bennett, in the January 2016 edition of the magazine. You can find the article on-line at Just type in the search – recycling – and the article will come up for you to read.



Hooray! I see there are traffic lights once again on the corner of Abasolo and Colosio. It`s about time. Didn’t those go down after Hurricane Odile? Took them long enough to get them back up.


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