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Have you ever come across the need for a friendly face to help you with a charge on your water bill that you don’t recognize?  Or for a doctor’s appointment with a specialist and you really want to understand every word of the conversation?

All you need is At Your Service to the rescue. Hector Ramirez, fluent in English, is the owner of Piedra Kilos on Isabel Catolica in La Paz.  Piedra Kilos is a restaurant that promotes healthy food choices through their weight loss program.  Consider it La Paz’s version to Weight Watchers.

Anyways, back to At Your Service. Hector has for many years been the neighbor of Elena and Fidel Herrera, long time residents of La Paz. He knows through first hand experience with the ex-pat community that at times, we need a friend who speaks Spanish and knowledge of everyday life in La Paz to help us out.

So Hector has started At Your Service to help ex-pats and visitors to La Paz with everyday requests.

“I have had people ask me something simple like Hector, how do we get to Walmart?  So I tell them to follow me and I show them.  Or Hector, where can I buy chia seeds?  These are just some simple requests that I love to help people out with. But sometimes people need more.  Help filling out government forms, understanding a document, paying a traffic ticket. ”

As Hector acknowledged, sometimes we have friends that can help in sticky situations but sometimes we don’t.  That is where he comes in.  He wants to be your best friend in La Paz.  He can get what you need to get done DONE and if he can’t, he will steer you in the right direction so you don’t lose precious time.

And there are many things Hector can help with you.  If you are needing a document to be translated to better understand something or you have friends coming in for a few days and you need to play tourist guide, Hector can help you out with his time and knowledge.

At Your Service includes help with:



·legal contracts

·medical visits


·government forms

·business meetings


·event planning

·property management

Hector can also help out newcomers to La Paz. He just wants people to enjoy the city to the fullest.  He realizes that sometimes people are just here for a short time and don’t have the opportunity to enjoy every minute because they can’t figure something out or don’t know where to go.  “That is where I help and I am happy to do it.  I can get them to Espiritu Island and swim with the sea lions or invite them to the beautiful beaches of La Ventana. There is so much to see and do here.  We live in a paradise.  I want to be able to open the door to English speakers to experience all that we have here!”

Hector can be reached at 612 161 2969 or at

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