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By Judy Peterson

Education should be more than learning how to read and write and the memorization of facts.  Fostering the creativity that all children possess is an important element of the educational process.  The opportunity to be creative leads to an expansion of a child’s own personality, causing greater self-knowledge and the ability to think in new and different ways.  It has been proven that experiences with the fine arts help children and adolescents discover their creativity and improve their self-esteem.

Unfortunately, the public schools in Mexico do not provide classes for children in art, music, dance, or theater.  Most of the schools in the “colonias” don’t even have a library.

In the summer of 2013 we made a public plea for volunteers to help with the various activities which are offered in our library/learning center in Colonia Laguna Azul.  Dianne Loftus is one of those who answered our plea; she offered to give art classes.  We accepted her kind offer and more than twenty-five children and adolescents are presently enjoying her classes on Saturday mornings.

Thank you, Dianne, for helping “our kids” to create themselves.  A special thank you to Mathilde Cervantes of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura and our board member Dulce Anyra Salazar Cota, child psychologist extraordinaire, for breathing new life into the learning center.

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