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  • Maintenance will be done on the weekends in conjunction with students from the Casa del Escultor
  • Two sculptures from the malecon in Loreto will also be maintained


Along the waterfront in downtown La Paz, you can enjoy the views, the boats, and the people watching. But what makes the malecon unique is all the beautiful marine life sculptures you’ll find. With the salt water, sunshine and wind a constant, it is time for these beauties to get a facelift.

In a joint effort between the Port Authority of Baja California Sur (APIBCS) and students of what will be the first generation of the Casa del Escultor of La Paz, a comprehensive maintenance program will begin with the six sculptures by renowned Mexican sculptor Octavio Gonzalez. These sculptures were installed along the seaside of the malecon of La Paz, and the General Director of APIBCS says it is time to care for them.

Jesús Robles González of APIBCS mentioned that there has been no maintenance program to date to maintain optimal conditions of the sculptures. So, an agreement has been made with artist Gonzalez, who is currently responsible for the Casa del Escultor. Under his guidance, the students of the sculpture school themselves will carry out the project.

Robles Gonzalez said the project would initially start with a thorough cleaning of the sculptures Sirena, Vaquita Marina, Ballena Saltarina, Juanito El Pescador, Ancla and la Perla. These last two were installed by the Port Authority themselves, as well as the Tiburón Ballena and Lobos Marinos, which are located on the malecon in Loreto.

Robles Gonzalez added that the maintenance will be performed over the weekends and is expected to expand to other parts of the malecon. He did mention that he would have to seek the permission of the creators of each sculpture on the malecon that were not created by Octavio Gonzalez, as APIBCS needs to avoid any friction or possible legal problems that could arise.

The state official also expressed satisfaction with the operation of the Casa del Escultor of La Paz, established by the State Government through APIBCS. He said that the school has been well received. Students who attend the school have the opportunity to learn the technique for making sculptures and pieces of art in in bronze as well as further develop this art as a type of productive industry.

The Casa del Escultor is the first school of sculpture in Baja California Sur and was inaugurated by Governor Marcos Covarrubias in February of this year. It is located on the corner of Sonora and Topete, in the Colonia El Manglito.

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