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By: John David Lionel Brooke

The Play; World Premier of ‘Shakespeare’s Robin Hood’ or ‘A Funny Thing Happened On My Way Through Stratford Forest’, opened March 20 and ran to the 28th. Putting Shakespeare back into Baja in celebration of Baja Shakespeare community theater’s fifteen consecutive years of performances.

This outrageous time warped comedy, played to rollicking packed houses at every performance. Presented by the Baja Shakespeare Company on stage at the Convention Center in Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, Spa Buena Vista.

A ridiculous pastiche, of multiple double engenders, and zingers. Nifty one-liners from Shakespeare fit perfectly into the mosaic of jokes, satire, bungling and incompetence in which the characters ultimately triumph over adversity.

Jester and InsanaLive music added authenticity to this farce, and the lively dances, swarmed in non-stop outrageous perfectly performed burlesques of medieval forms.

The cast performed their roles meticulously and professionally. All gave stellar performances no matter how lowly their parts, without a miscue, or hesitation. All bang on, delivering a smooth flow of verbiage to this otherwise complicated story. Everybody, when on stage exuded a high degree of professionalism. Bravo! I’m hard pressed to single out a single actor in this well orchestrated cast for individual acting perfection.

Likewise, the stage crew was always spot on with lighting and sound effects, smoothly executing their important tasks of completing continuity through the changing scenes. Thank-you.

The volunteers, so essential to the success of this volunteer community-acting group, seamlessly and respectfully handled support for this theatrical event. Thank-you.

In summation all I can add is, this was one hell of a fine evening of far out original entertainment at party loving ‘Gringolandia’ Los Barriles. A welcome laugh for sure. Gad, what will they come up with for their sixteenth season? Will they surprise us with yet another World Premiere?

This play was written by, ‘The Bard of Baja;’ Larry Epstein and Jill Broussard, both residents of Los Barriles. Directed by Camilla Ford. The cast, crew, and, volunteers, were mostly East Cape vocal locals, with a couple of key players from the Pacific side of our Peninsular.

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