A Call to Action

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As is often the case when a natural disaster strikes, the people with the least material things frequently lose the most. This is usually the case with hurricanes and earthquakes. Mexico has suffered a rash of natural disasters. We at The Settlement Company® are aware of the losses for the people in the most modest neighborhoods in the affected areas.    These are the people who are most in need of help.

The International Community Foundation has been working tirelessly for many years to help Mexico.   It has just announced the Baja California Disaster Relief Fund   to help build the areas so affected by Lidia.      https://donate.icfdn.org/npo/baja-california-disaster-relief-fund

Additionally, a contribution to the International Relief Fund will aid in the recovery process that is required by the devastation caused by the magnitude 8.1 earthquake centered in southwestern Mexico late last week which resulted in wide destruction and dozens of deaths.  https://donate.icfdn.org/npo/border-fund

The Settlement Company® is making a donation of $ 500.00 USD, modest but, we hope, helpful. We invite you to please join us and give a helping hand to the people who work so hard in our communities and contribute so much to our lives.  Important point:  all donations are fully deductible, in the US or in Mexico as preferred.

Anne McEnany, President and CEO of the International Community Foundation (http://icfdn.org) works tirelessly to help our people in Mexico.   Let’s give her a helping hand!

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

the settlement company ®

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