Message from Government of Canada’s Registration of Canadians Abroad Service

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Dear Canadians, you are receiving this because you are registered with the Government of Canada’s Registration of Canadians Abroad Service. Please share the following important information with all the Canadian citizens in your organization, area or district.
The hurricane season extends from May 15 to November 30. Tropical depressions and storms that may develop into hurricanes occur in the North Atlantic and North East Pacific oceans.
For the 2012 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season, 13 tropical cyclones are predicted, 7 of which could become tropical storms, 4 moderate hurricanes and 2 intense hurricanes.
The key to hurricane or tropical storm protection is preparation. We encourage you and your family to review your personal safety practices. By taking sensible measures before, during and after a hurricane, many lives can be saved and property damage averted.
A hurricane preparedness plan includes three basic elements that are important in the threat of any severe weather event: 1) maintain a disaster or emergency supply kit; 2) secure your home and property; and 3) have a safe place to go in the event of an evacuation or prolonged utility outage.
Canadian citizens should keep well informed by listening to the latest warnings and advisories on the radio, television, or web sites.  Many Hurricane Centres will issue and update these when necessary.  It is also important to follow the advice of local authorities and emergency response personnel. Note that the contact information for Protección Civil authorities in La Paz is:
Prof. Carlos Miguel Enriquez Rincón
Palacio de Gobierno, 2nd Floor
Isabel la Católica entre Allende y Bravo
23000 La Paz, BCS
Tel.: (612) 123-9421
Fax: (612) 122-4123
We also encourage that you visit the following web sites where further information is available on hurricanes specifically and emergency preparedness in general.
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada at:
On this page, visit the Travel Report for Mexico ( for information on official warnings regarding local hurricanes. Visit the Hurricane Season section of the Global Issues page ( for more information on hurricanes and the latest developments.
To receive the latest information posted on these pages, you may subscribe to the Travel Updates at or to the RSS feeds by visiting
Public Safety Canada at:
The US National Hurricane Centre at:
The Canadian Hurricane Centre at:

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