4000 New Street Name Signs to Be Installed in La Paz

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First stage will include the downtown area.


Finally, more street signs are being installed in La Paz!

Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran unveiled at the corner of Altamirano and Juarez in the downtown area of La Paz, the first of thousands of new street signs that will be installed in the city. The street signs were made and being installed with the support of the Secretary of Communication and Transport and 17 local construction companies who are committed to improving the image of the capital city of BCS.

Ponce Beltran noted that her current administration has been working, “very hard in getting more street signs up in the city but it has been difficult, not only because many streets are without signs, but many streets don’t even have names.”

The head of the municipal government has stated that 4000 new street signs will be placed and the process will start in the downtown area of La Paz.

Meanwhile, Professor Luis Dibeni Geraldo, longtime resident of the area, thanked the municipal government on behalf of residents in the area for their action and noted the longstanding demand of the population for proper street identification. He urged the authorities to continue with more street signs, that in the end will benefit everyone, he said.

In July of 2011, La Paz Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran, along with La Paz city councilors, local congressmen and citizens of La Paz put the new Nomenclature for the Municipality of La Paz program into high gear as the first brand new street name signs, complete with the new City of La Paz logo, neighborhood name and postal code, were unveiled on the corner of Boulevard 5 de Febrero and Boulevard Agustin Olachea.

The new program was one of Ponce Beltran’s campaign promises to better the urban image of the city and to improve La Paz for tourism. Several main street corners were soon adorned with the new street name signs but the program, which started out with a bang, soon fizzled out because of lack of funds.

In August of 2013, another 500 street name signs were installed, mostly in populated neighborhoods where signs didn’t exist. They barely made a dent.

Currently, it is very difficult for many to localize businesses and homes because of the lack of street signage. The signs will help better locate and identify streets safely to a complete and trusted address and help traffic circulate better.

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