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Hi Gari Ellen

Just wanted to drop you a line to Thank You Very Much for your wonderful article on our new refuge.  We, myself, Claude and the rest of our team, really appreciate your efforts to help us get the word out there.  Your article has done that, as well providing us with some new contacts.  We really appreciate that you took the time from your busy schedule to come all the way out to Centenario to see our new Ranch and do an article for us.   The only way our refuge will be successful is with community support and support of the Local Leaders, like yourself and the Baja Citizen.

Your work is much appreciated.



K9 Rancho Del Perro




Thank-you for your latest article on the mining situation in the May 31st edition of the Baja Citizen.  I know I am a foreigner in this beautiful country and therefore not to get involved in such matters but I do like to be informed. I appreciated your well rounded, researched article. Let’s pray that these permissions don’t ever get approved.


Barbara H.

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