Monthly Archives: December 2019

OPEN MIC at Tailhunter Restaurant – Thursdays

OPEN MIC every Thursday night at Tailhunter Restaurant at their newly renovated Sea Level/FUBAR patio starting at 7:30ish pm.  Tailhunter is on the malecon of La Paz  between Victoria and Torre Iglesias.  All are welcome. Bring a song or three to share!

El Molinito de La Paz

TBC La Paz’s Proud Landmark The Governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davies, just officially delivered the newly renovated El Molinito de La Paz, or the Windmill of La Paz, to the community.  The El Molinito has long been a proud landmark for the...

Seriously? Pickleball?

By Dan Harmic I’m reminded of the old ad slogan of Price Pfister faucets…The “pfabulous pfaucet with the pfunny name”. Pickleball is in fact a FABULOUS game; yet after many years of being the fastest growing sport in America (and still one of the fastest...