Daily Archives: June 28, 2012

Mexico heading to the Polls July 1st, 2012

Mexico heading to the Polls July 1st Everywhere you turn in Mexico, whether it is on the streets, at family gatherings or coffee shops, conversation always seems to get directed towards the upcoming federal elections. Federal elections are scheduled every six years, on the first...

Ciudad de los Niños , the Orphanage in La Paz, Graduates 7 Leaders of the Future!

Congrats to the Ciudad de los Niños in La Paz, the orphanage run by the Catholic Church,  and 7 students who have recently completed the high school leadership course!  The class is designed to help each set goals for their futures and finding ways to...

The Baja Citizen is out on the street!

The June 26th edition of the Baja Citizen is on the street! Grab your copy at your favourite location in La Paz. The edition will be on-line June 30th.