Daily Archives: May 31, 2012

La Paz Ladies Luncheon slated for June 7th at Trocadero’s

Louiza Lanoy I’ve been waiting a long time to bring you to this incredible restaurant, TrocaderO’s. Why? Well it is smaller than most other places and therefore better to keep this gem for the summer months when our numbers dwindle somewhat. Finally, Thursday, June 7th...

Mexican Association of Real Estate Agents Sworn in at Beachside Breakfast in La Paz

Susan Fogel With contributions by John Glaab, Director Emeritus Ceremonies and rituals help us mark passages in life. And last Saturday on the patio of the beautiful Playa de La Paz condo development, the board of directors of Asociacion Mexicana Profesionales Inmobiliaria (AMPI) was sworn...

The Baja Citizen in El Centenario

The May 29th, 2012 edition of the Baja Citizen is on the street. Pick up your copy at your favourite place today, including at Paradise Found Roadside Grill & Bar in El Centenario.