2.1 Million Pesos For Improving Historic Center of La Paz

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• More than 200 businesses in the downtown area of the city will benefit: Armando Covarrubias


Through the efforts of Mayor Esther Ponce before the National Institute of Entrepreneurship ( INADEM ) a beautification program is underway in the Historic Center of La Paz.  The first step of the program consists of painting facades of businesses that are found in the first block of the city with an investment of 1 million pesos from the federal government along with participating downtown merchants own money. The Municipality of La Paz will also participate in the program with 1.1 million pesos, the General Director of Economic Development, Armando Covarrubias Flores announced.

Covarrubias Flores said that there is a big commitment from the merchants of downtown to contribute, in conjunction with the Municipality of La Paz, to revive the economy of the downtown area. The first stage of this program will benefit more than 200 businesses.  It is a joint project that is the work of the local municipal government, owners of property in the Historic Center and in some cases, renters of local commercial spaces. According to Covarrubias Flores, each participant understands that working together is the best option as it is for the good of all who reside here.

He also mentioned that this is the first time a municipal government in La Paz has been able to obtain such a remarkable investment that deals with the problems of downtown merchants in the area. The Historic Center of La Paz has always been a concern of Mayor Esther Ponce in improving the quality of life of the core area of the city. In the past, the municipal government has struggled to receive much-needed resources that will not only improve the urban image but also help revive the downtown area of the city, which is the main objective, he said.

Downtown merchant Fernando Moreno, owner of the renowned naturalist store El Quinto Sol, said that this latest effort of the City of La Paz is the first step in moving forward and reactivating the economical activity in the historical center of the capital of BCS. What better way, he said, than to beautify the image and environment, as it is an important commercial and tourist area of the city. Moreno thanked the mayor for her commitment to downtown, especially to those living and working in the area. For many years, he added, downtown merchants have not received any attention to their problems.

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