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With the participation of Frank Hills, Thomas Ireton, Mala Sorhuet and Andre Prefontaine, the inauguration of “Urban Runway” took place on November 24th, a program organized by the La Paz Municipal Cultural Department under the direction of Matilde Cervantes Navarrete. With the help of these important personalities from the art scene, as well as Lucia Frausto and Juan Manuel Velazquez Lopez, who coordianted the first work of art, Mural de Héroes Marinos, school children in La Paz were given the opportunity to learn about urban expression and the need to respect public spaces.

According to Uruil Eduardo Santana Soltero, who was on hand representing Mayor Esthela Ponce at the event, the objective of “Urban runway” and saving public spaces is the homework of everyone, and a consciousness needs to be created in the children of La Paz that public spaces belong to them and that they must be maintained, cleaned and respected with postive actions.

All who attended the first “Urban runway” event clearly felt the impact of the their first work, Mural de Heroes Marinos,  and the commit involved to make the wall an expression of art. Artist Velazquez said, “this is focused towards children; with the end being able achieve communication through the medium of art and painting of a mural that is 100% urban expression.”

With the help of the mentioned local artists, “Urban runway” hopes to conserve more public spaces and protect the environment.  Creating a culture of recycling and general protection of public spaces is a group effort and with the help and promotion of those involved in this first mural, a respect of public spaces and the commitment to conserve and protect these spaces has been planted in the minds of many.

All are invited to come down and check out this impressive mural on 5 de febrero and Calle Rangel, in Manglito. The Cultural Department has plans to continue with their “Urban Runway” program and rescue other public spaces.

Photo courtesy of Francisco Solis.

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