New uniforms doanted to the La Paz Fire Department.

Fire Department of La Paz Receives 155 New Uniforms

* Thanks to Rotary Club Bahía La Paz


The Rotary Club Bahía La Paz, with the help of GlobalFire, has donated to the Municipality of La Paz Fire Departments 155 uniforms to help local crews perform their jobs a little bit easier.

Mayor Estela Ponce Beltrán was accompanied by the president of Rotary Club Bahía La Paz, Guillermo Vázquez Silva, the Director of Civil Protection, Eduardo Bautista Palacios, as well as the Fire Chief of La Paz, Gonzalo Cervera González.   They all served as witnesses to the delivery of 155 uniforms given to them by the American association GlobalFire.

GlobalFire shipped fire fighting protective equipment to firefighters in the city of La Paz in an effort to improve their safety and their ability to perform the world’s most dangerous job.  This supply and distribution operation will set the stage for possibly conducting a supply and training operation at a later date. The shipment left Toronto in August and arrived in La Paz in September.

Currently, the fire department in La Paz is under equipped.  This shipment will help the firefighters of La Paz perform their dangerous jobs more safely.  They will be able to access hotter fires more quickly to affect rescue (save lives) and put out the fire (save property and the environment).  The protective equipment GlobalFire donated will also help reduce the incidents of job related cancers firefighters suffer from exposure to super-heated toxic smoke and gasses.

It is important to point out that the equipment is not only for the fire departments in La Paz but also for those in Todos Santos, San Antonio and El Pescadero.

Mayor Ponce Beltran thanked the president of Rotary Club Bahía La Paz for this very important act of community service and expressed her gratitude that these gestures are of great importance to the people of La Paz and to the City.

The mayor said she is very proud of her team of firefighters who are committed to protecting the people of the city.  She said they are always attentive to what happens, as such was the case before, during and after Hurricane Odile. Not only is their job to put out fires, but also to perform guidance and protection to the public.  Ponce Beltran also thanked the fire department for assisting in rehabilitation of the City of La Paz after Odile.

She explained that the fire department is incorporated and coordinated into the municipalities civil defense strategies and together with the other areas of public safety, they all become one team and do whatever is necessary to solve the problems on the task at hand.